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 About Declan Cassidy is a multi award- winning producer, director and writer. His previous works include Oscar©-qualifying fifilm, television series, commercial and educational fifilm projects, painting as well as academic writing and literature. “I fifind expression in all types of media,” he explains, “but, essentially, I’m a storyteller.” His late father, James Cassidy, was an artist and a poet. “I’m sure that he would have been immersed in digital media if it had been available to him then. I consider myself very fortunate to live in these times where a creative person is limited only by their imagination.” This website contains many of Cassidy’s works, including his short fifilms, his novel “Pins and Needles, some art and some of his academic writings on various topics from war to Twitter. @DeclanCreative |        HOME Pic: Sophia Sowa 

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