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                 ‘Romancing Ireland’ is a six-part television series for DCTV – Dublin’s community tv station. The series looks at the importation of ethnic foods by the five non- national communities that were shown to be growing in the last census – Brazilians, French, Italians, Romanians and Spanish. With the world attempting to tackle a climate crisis, emphasis is being put on promoting the ‘sustainable plate’ – food that is local, fresh and seasonal instead of processed and imported. Romancing Ireland challenges a representative from each of the five communities to cook a traditional meal from their homeland, but using only ingredients from Ireland. The main funder for the series is the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) under its Sound and Vision scheme with social economy media support company ‘Cosmopolito Limited’ providing the balance of the funding. Visit the website for more details. @DeclanCreative |                         HOME 

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