Whatever Turns You On
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After qualifying for the Oscars©, appearing in over 100 festivals worldwide, winning more than 10 awards, showing on tv stations, in cinemas and on airline inflight entertainment services Cassidy's 4-minute film is available to watch free online for the first time. CLICK HERE
Official site of multi award winning film maker and writer Declan Cassidy
Pins and Needles nears completion
It was a movie script that turned into a novel.
"The idea was fully formed in my head," explains Cassidy, "but my characters were starting their journeys alone. The problem was that they had nobody to speak with so there was no dialogue - and, trust me, this film needed dialogue."
I was talking with a friend of mine who works out of Hollywood and she suggested writing the book which could then be adapted for screen. It was a 'eureka' moment."
Pins and Needles follows the stories of several main characters, each with his or her own crisis to contend with. The common denominator between the stories is the Camino de Santiago - the old pilgrim trail in Spain's northern province of Galicia.
"The story is about serendipity, faith or coincidence, depending on your personal outlook," explains Cassidy. "The protagonists begin as strangers but find their lives effecting or being effected by others - whether they realise it or not."
Cassidy has walked sections of the Camino six times while researching the book.

Multi award winning short now online
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Whatever Turns You On (4 mins)
The mundane world of a large electronics store is disrupted when a homeless man arrives to make a purchase in this comic but poignant tale of our need to belong.
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The Bouquet (3 mins)
A romantic impulse sees a young man enter a flower shop to purchase a bouquet. The shop assistant feels she's seen it all before, however.
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I Hate That Smile (3:30mins)
A newspaper photographer is chastised for his lack of ruthlessness when it comes to getting the picture at all costs. He soon finds an opportunity to prove his papparazzi instincts, though.
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Veronique (4:35 mins)
Darren loves his new sat nav - and not, necessarily, in a platonic way.
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Wedding Planners (4:40 mins)
A guy on a bus journey is kept amused by the disomfort of a young woman as her relatives plan her wedding.
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Multi award winning short now online
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