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 THE TALE OF A DUBLIN COMMUNITY In the 1950s, thousands of inner-city Dubliners found themselves transplanted to vast, new housing estates that transformed the sleepy, country village of Finglas into a huge suburban sprawl that, today, has a population of over 30,000. As the landscape shifts again, with non-nationals now accounting for one in six of this number , ‘A Finglas Story’ is a pertinent tale of social cohesion, often in the face of challenging times, that charts the formation of a tightly-knit community over half a century. Told by those who lived through the time – many of whom are elderly and disappearing – it is an oral heritage that both reflects the stories of many similar townlands around Dublin and can provide a model of community development for the newer arrivals into such areas. ‘A Finglas Story’ is a tv documentary mini-series, funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and supported by Finglas Credit Union and Cosmopolito Limited.   Supported by... and... Created by... Funded by... Broadcaster...          @DeclanCreative |  HOME 

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