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 The Decameraon (Dec, Camera On) project was a modern homage to Giovanni Boccaccio’s 1353 Italian classic “The Decameron” or “Il Decamerone”. The book was written five years after the ‘black death’ plague had swept through Europe, killing up to 200 million people. Cassidy, who has studied the Italian classics, was reminded of the parallell situation, echoing down the centuries as lockdown descended on the world through the Covid 19 pandemic. The Decameraon was Cassidy’s ‘lockdown project’, involving actors from Ireland, Spain, Germany and the USA. An experimental work, it took place over 10 nights via Zoom. Each night, a different actor told a story - true or fictitious. There were certain rules that could lead to disqualification and a (imaginary) €100,000 prize at the end for the winner, as voted by the public. The ten episodes are available on YouTube.      @DeclanCreative |  HOME 

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